Realistic Car Controller (RCC)


Powerful categories for instantiating new vehicles at a given position, customizing, operating, or change behaviour with one line of code only!

Each automotive controller takes solely %1 ~ %1.5 computer hardware power on empty paradigm scene, that is very sensible for mobile devices!

– Restricted with prefab vehicles?
+ Nope.

– Moving existing prefab vehicles, or ever-changing simple model of the prefab for making new vehicle?
+ Nope.

– Wasting some time on writing complicated curves and values to induce fun physics, or dozens of multiple scripts to switch the package?
+ Nope.

This is neither a Game templet nor simply an Editor Extension. You won’t be restricted with package rules.

You are really shopping for this package for making fresh vehicles, not moving the car with existing prefabs.

Special due to…

3DMaesen for “Animated Driver and Her automotive Model”!
3DMaesen for “Skyline Model”!

You can access “3DMaesen’s assets” through this link!

Vertigo Games for giving North American country an opportunity for testing our behaviour on “Extreme Vehicle Pack” models!

You can access “Extreme Vehicle Pack” through this link!

You can realize a tutorial on our “Documentation” page for, the way to set up and assemble a sensible vehicle from scratch with any quite vehicle model.

Check out the details form the Unity Asset Store:  https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/physics/realistic-car-controller-16296


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