CScape City System


-System for generating faccade style textures in easy way

-LOD system that automatically optimizes object details based on distance from camera.

-Various object arrays systems that help you put arrays of objects on building sides. -Rooftop system -Soon to come: Building Styles Packs, like Sci-Fi city, ’20’s New York, Italian city, Cartoon City, Apocalyptic City, Soviet City. First version includes a pack called Megacity, capable of generating thousands of different materials with a single shader.

-CDK (content developement Kit) for artists that want to make their own CScape Styles (and eventually sell them on assetstore).

CScape works on desktop platforms

-Cscape was tested on modern phone and tablet devices. It requires OpenGLES 3 or Metal.

-Compatible with WebGL 3.0

-CScape is highly optimized for VR on Desktop and modern mobile systems.

*CScape is in constant development and we are adding many new features.

Check out the details from the Unity Asset Store: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/modeling/cscape-city-system-86716


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