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GKC is the most complete engine solution with 1st/3rd Person Controller & unique mechanics, RPG systems, Gravity and Sci-Fi features!

Render pipeline compatibility

-Draw/holster animations on fire and melee weapons along with dual wield melee weapons

-Bows shoot arrows without need to aim and move while aiming

-Abilities/Close Combat/Melee can be used on air/flying/swim state

-Action system can be used on first person, like throw grenades

-AI can use abilities: throw grenades, fire spell casts, ...

-Improved shape shifting and generic models workflow

-Added slide on rails, climb on ropes, parachute, gravity wall run, max payne time bullet

-Added full localization system: UI, dialogue, inventory, missions, menus

-Save system stores info of objects on scene like dead AI

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PC Demo 1 - PC Demo 2 - PC Demo Local Multiplayer - Android Demos

GKC is a powerful engine which allows to create most type of games easily. Including a 3rd/1st person controller with seamlessly camera view, to cover almost any genre: shooter, adventure, action, puzzles, fixed camera horror/thriller, story telling, fast or slow paced type, 2.5d, top down, point & click, isometric, ...

Save thousand of hours in development and focus on making your game.

Designed with mechanics in mind and to be highly customizable or/and extended with your own code.

It is the perfect foundation for your game and a great learning tool. Filled with ready to use mechanics. GKC contains amazing features not found on other packages. There are tons of possibilities. Enable/disable anything you need.

Set up a character controller or IA in a couple of seconds.

Very customizable effects and options: camera states, settings and transitions, powers, weapons, touch controls, headbob, custom input keys, footsteps, vehicles and much more.


• Character Controller: A physics-based & root motion controller, with features to make the player more dynamic and feel alive, with advanced use of IK for feet, legs, upper body, hands and head track. Include many settings, as number of jumps, look in camera direction, ragdoll transition, drive vehicles, use weapons/powers, foot steps, ground adherence for slopes and stairs with mesh colliders and tank controls, dash, climb ladders, lean, ...

• Traversal Movements: Includes free fall, roll on landing to avoid damage, improved jump-air-land transition, wall running, different jump height based on key press time, swim-dive, slide and wall jump crouch sliding, wall running, paraglider and wind zones ...

• Action system: configure easily new custom actions based on animations triggered by places of the level, specific situations, input, like sit on a chair, pick objects from the ground, open doors, press button, vault, slide, 360ยบ direction roll/evade, walk on a cliff, including ladders on 3rd person, animation tools, conditions, ... Available on the AI too.

• Camera System: Multiple camera views and states, including 1st/3rd person with collision detection, and any type of locked camera view: fixed camera, top down, isometric, point & click, 2.5d, cutscenes, ... Start the game in any view. The current view can make transitions to any other state, shakes, headbob and other feedbacks. It has also a powerful lock-on and aim assist.

• Abilities: The player can perform a large number of actions: circumnavigate spheres & irregular surfaces, adhere to any surface, fire powers from his hands, customize new power behaviors, close combat system with combos, fly freely, use a possession system to control any object on the level, grab and carry objects on camera or in his hands, cloak/stealth system, shield, spell casting, throw objects, use grappling hook, flying mode, jetpack, ... and combine it with the action system to use animations with it, with 60+ abilities examples!

• Full support of Generic Models: animals, monsters, robots, ... as AI and player to control or ride anything! Shape Shifting into any generic model, like a wolf!

• Advanced Gravity Manipulation: Up is down and left is right. GKC player has a very powerful gravity system which allows to walk on any surface, circumnavigate objects, adhere to any place . Different gravity zones can be configured on the same level, affecting to objects and vehicles as well and the gravity direction in these zones can change in real time, including zero gravity mode. Vehicles has the same gravity manipulation, drive anywhere!

• Character Creator: Create new characters with your own model in a matter of two clicks, including players and NPC/AI for friends and enemies.

• Custom Input System: unified keyboard, touch & gamepad input, using events to trigger any action and configure as much input keys as you need. Controls are ready to use on mobile and it allows to manage multiple gamepads for local multiplayer. Input can be rebind ingame and save/load it.

• Mobile Ready: all the controls, actions and features works in mobile. Touch controls can be enabled in editor and desktop at any moment.

• Advanced Weapon System: Extensible and customizable weapon system based on physics and IK, including new behaviors, allows to configure from regular weapons such a revolver or shotgun, to advanced tools, like a flashlight or an smartphone. Attachments can be configured ingame. Includes a decal manager for any type of surface for scorch, sounds and particles. Insane amount of options to shoot: spread, projectiles per shoot, clip size, bullet speed, bullet force amount, explosion radius, ...

Now with Dual Wield weapons, setting every weapon for every hand in real time. And animation management for weapons in 1st person, compatible with any weapon pack on the store.

• Inventory Management: Add and configure new inventory objects in a few clicks, including weapons, ammo, consumables, quest items and pickups. Each object can have weight and the inventory can have a weight limit. Inventory is managed through any type of category. These objects can be also examined in the inventory menu and inventory size can be increased ingame with bags. Crates and chest can instantiate these objects anywhere. Inventory banks included. New Hotbar added!

• Extensible Vehicle System: Car, motorbike, hovercraft, aircraft, hoverboard, ... based on physics, with advanced damage detection, weapons, IK for driver and passengers limbs and body, throw passengers on high collisions and camera states. New vehicle Wizard Creator added.

• General drive/ride system, any vehicle/animal controller from the asset store or custom made will work with GKC out of the box

• Powerful Map System included, to configure tiles for every room, floor, building and exterior/cities of your game with an advanced map creator, with views in 2d/3d and compass. Use a mini map window with different icons for every type of object.

• Friend/Enemy/Neutral AI: including health bars, unarmed, weapons and combat type, advanced waypoint system for patrols, give orders to friendly AI: enter on vehicles, factions to configure relations between NPCs and the player, hide from AI on places like grass or under a table. Also, now Zombies included! Includes AI pet companion to call, ride and give orders.

• Interact with any device/object in the level, such as text screens, password terminals, computers, security cameras, padlocks, places with text messages for the player, buttons to press, doors, elevators, ziplines, jump platforms, pressure plates, heal/damage zones, teleportation platforms, puzzles, tutorial triggers, one way and waypoint platforms, explosive barrels, ...

• RPG elements: XP and level, mission system to configure any type of quest, skills with upgrades, stats, currency, vendor system, stamina, oxygen ... with serialization.

• Melee Combat System: allowing to perform combos, special attacks, attacks on air, blocks with sword/shields, roll/dodge, perfect blocks, hit reaction system, throw/return weapon, warp ability, activate a slice mode, bow/arrows with effects (poison, fire, water, sedative, explosives, ...), lock-on target, torches with fire mechanics/puzzles and much more, including the AI brain for melee as well! Fire projectiles from melee weapons, magic stuff or rifle/gun swords!

• Scene Manager to change of scene ingame, connect your scenes and levels through events, triggers and buttons, with auto save/load and fast travel stations.

• Complete Save/Load System: included in the package, it allows to save/load the game in any moment, save stations and checkpoints, with the most important info, including inventory, weapons, stats, experience, skills, missions, ... Also auto save/load of info when changing to a different Scenes.

• Powerful Editor: The asset is made with very intuitive and easy to use custom editors, having the perfect workflow to create and configure elements like new inventory objects, weapons, maps, ... in seconds. New Toolbar added.

• Packed with content: Tons of systems to boost the development: health with advanced damage detection, dialog with decisions and branches, local multiplayer with split screen and multiple gamepad management, full map and compass, climb ledge, create cutscenes, examine and interact with objects, Photo Mode to take captures ingame and more. .... All code included.

• Community and Support: Official Discord channel with a growing base of users. Get direct support in real time from the developer and helping people as well, with remote sessions.

• Integrations:

-Emerald AI

-Easy Build System

-UMA 2

-Edy’s Vehicles

-Malber’s animals


-NWH vehicles


-More to arrive


-New enemies, weapons & powers

-New vehicles: industrial, construction, planes, space ships, ...

-Crafting System: recipes, build tools, cook and more

-Online multiplayer

-Armor/cloth system

-Cover System

-Climb System

-VR Support

-And more


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