Silantro Flight Simulator Toolkit


Silantro is the most comprehensive flight simulation controller in the store.

However, documentation is not very good and videos are lacking explanations to help figuring out what is going on and how each parameter affects the flight model. Once you figure out how everything sticks together it is easy to setup new planes if you have the information to configure each part.

At runtime, I think that there are some issues regarding the flight model. I work with professional civil and military flight simulators and Silantro does not feel very realistic. I have modeled a couple of planes which I am used to test at work and they are far from behaving properly. There are a number of cases in which planes tend to pitch down when there is no reason for it which is weird. Generally speaking, actioning the controls does not feel very responsive. It does not seem a problem with the configuration but some kind of issue with the physics. I have not analyzed the source code, so I cannot really tell where the problem is.

Also, after a lot of testing I have noticed that it is very hard to develop a fight simulator with proper scales in Unity, but that is not Silantro's issue. It is just that Unity is aimed at other genres and more limited environments due to the lack of precision in the coordinate system.


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