Escape "Horror Game Kit"


Escape "Horror Game Kit"

Escape "Horror\Adventure game kit"


Modular and Scripting solution for your game.

What i am getting?

Around 200 (low poly )Optimized PBR models with baked textures(many textures variations).

Main menu solution and In game menu(options and credits).

async loading screen solution.

Save and Load game solution with remembering not only your game position,but also events you allready passed and photos you took before.

Photo camera solution with zoom and flash. Real time saving PNG files to you PC.

Big demo scene included

Demo has a stable 50-60 fps.

Graphic quality is turned to maximum ,if you have a slow pc change it to medium.

Package have a Standart assets you need to import (FPC and Image effects) I recomend to Import FULL ESCAPE ASSET into new (clean) Unity project first. (Then work with it)

If you need additional videos of gameplay let me know.

In March 2017 you will get a present after buying.

Good luck and have fun.

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