Combat Character Pack: Soldier


Combat Character Pack: Soldier

Game Ready lowpoly Soldier Pack, with 5 different texture sets (Separate texture sets for PBR, and Unlit Materials).

The Soldiers have rigs that are compatible with Unity's Mecanim Humanoid rig, which makes re-targetting the characters to existing animations easy.

The Pack Contains:
- 2K Textures for Unity's Physically Based Shader (Albedo, Mettalic Smoothness with Gloss in the alpha channel, Normal map, and Ambient Occlusion).
- A separate set of 2K textures for Unity's Unlit Shader, for situation where ultimate performance is required (The lighting is baked into the textures in the style of games like DOTA).
- Skinned Soldier Model (FBX format) compatible with Unity's Mecanim Humanoid rig.
- Soldier Model with triangle count in the range of 5.5K to 7K depending on the attachments enabled.

*Made to be used with BitBison's Combat Character Pack: Enemies


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