Anime High School Girl


The main character of this package is a Japanese high school girl. She looks cute and good looking but this girl has the ability to use weapons such as Spear, Bow and Magic proficiently.

The package is focused on expressing the character traits of this girl. Including casual action and personality, strong action.

Character is modeled, textured, rigged and animated via Maya software, then exported to FBX for import into Unity.

All the steps to create this character are carefully invested to ensure that the character has high-quality model, powerful and smooth action, and can expressing character traits.

The package includes:
- 11 High quality Animation
- High quality Model with texture

Animation List
- Walk
- Run
- Cute
- Attack
- Idle
- Skill
- B_Idle
- B_Dead
- B_Dow
- B_Attack
- Idle1

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