Cartoon Characters


Cartoon Characters
Actually it's just one model, he just likes to play dress up. Choose between many different styles and mix them up to create new unique looks.

- 1 Rigged Model (2483 polys).
- 1 Rigged Mobile Model (1366 polys).
- 15 Texture variations (Psd included)
- 40+ Accessories Models
- Animatable Eyes, Eyelids and Mouth.


Character Animations are NOT included in this package. They can be downloaded from Mixamo.com. Simply upload the character and choose the animations you want.

The Character has the following 15 texture variations: Aristocrat, Body builder, Doctor, Hooligan, Mexican, Computer Nerd, Police, Punker, Robber, Secretary, Skater, Trucker, Worker, Zombie, Regular.

You will also find 40+ Model variations, some of them are: Money bag, Beard, Cactus, Cigaret, Coin, Crowbar, Computer, montitor, Bottle, Dumbell, Glasses, Electric Guitar, Hair styles, Hat, Cap, Meat Cleaver, Loud Speaker, Phone, Revolver, Showel, Skateboard, Showel, Brain.


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