Ariana Character P2


Watch full pictures resolution on Artstation here

How to use

  • To start playing with packages and upgrade shader please watch this Video tutorial
  • How to create more Prefabs by yourself
  • You should open Overview scene to find out features of character package
  • This package included HDRP, URP, Standar Shader to use this character in Standard or URP you need swap shader following this Video Tutorial
  • Feel free to learn more about characters and make a questions on my [My Discord]


With new shader, you can blend color and textures to your liking. All character body parts are modular so you can mix with my other Genesis 2 characters same gender but make sure you have scripts to mix character, this package not included mixing character scripts.

For best result with physic you should use Dynamic Bone for chain.

This character using facial bone for face expression and not including face morphs. This is non-G2 character and different struction with G2 character


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