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COALA (Context Aware Location Assessment) is a one-stop-shop for any kind of real-world-data (geolocation, elevation, time, weather, moon phases etc. up to specialized crime data). Use COALA to create real-world AR games, meaningful AR applications or smarter apps.

Use the COALA package to create in-app maps with streets, buildings, rivers, etc. Get information about buildings, restaurants & supermarkets. Create your own static or dynamic POIs, pitch and match location, weather, moon phases and more. Define terrains on a grid basis. React to real world weather conditions with particle effects. This plugin also provides for GPS mapping and other tools. Create a real world product with all the tech in place and responsible use of data rates.

Please note: This package requires a COALA account, which is a subscription based service. The purchase of this package includes a trial period of 6 months, where the subscription fee does not apply. Please note, that every month includes 10’000 free requests per month. If your project exceeds the 10’000 requests per month, you will be charged a fee per request. This also applies to the trial period.
After the 6 months trial period, a subscription fee of 59.99€ per month applies, which can be cancelled on a monthly basis. This package includes an already functioning premade COALA project named “Paper Map”. This example project is restricted in how many requests are handled from the server though. For unrestricted access to all server functions, you will need to create your own COALA project in the backend. COALA services are currently not available for Russia.

• Pick data points to create your map
• Fill the world with interesting information on a grid layer
• Render the map in your game style with full customization options
• Add streets or buildings and use their real world heights
• Add data layers like weather, moon phases and elevation
• Create your own static and dynamic POIs
• Additional data sources e.g. crime (crime heatmaps) and transportation for certain areas or tourism POIs are available upon request
• Trigger particle effects for rain, mist or snow based on real world data
• Animated lightsource throughout the day to mimic a day night cycle
• Create responsive maps where players can see the movement of others
• Define specific places on the map to create different zones
• Includes GPS mapping of player
• Loading/Unloading of areas in relation to GPS position
• This package also includes a project with full visualization and free customization options


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