Cyborg Ninja Killer


Low-poly, rigged, animated, game ready character with different texture skins set.
28 animations (attacks, hit reacts, idles, jumps, runs, sprint, stun, walks, death, etc.), humanoid avatar;
Texture maps in 4096x4096 quality (Base color, Normal, Ambient occlusion, Emissive, Metallic, Roughness, Color ID).
For the Cyborg: 10 different premade materials with different color schemes; 3 emissive texture maps with different patterns; 15 base texture maps with different color schemes.
7 materials fo the sword with different colors of emission.
-there is no interactive animation controller, only an animation controller for a test;
- 2 meshes the cyborg and the sword;
- the mesh of the sword doesn't attached to mesh of the cyborg or his rig, it only attaching in prefab variant;


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