Drift maps - Winter edition


This asset contains two full maps, optimized for drifting games for mobile platforms.

Docks race track - Winter night - Mobile optimized:

- Optimized for mobiles, all models are low poly;
- Textures around 512px x 512px;
- Tris around 14k;
- Lights are baked. There are animated mist particles in the air;
- All models have prefabs for fast construction of new levels.

Parking lot - Mobile Optimized:

- background mountains;
- background forest;
- background trees with grass;
- parking lot with a store;
- light poles (with lights);
- tires;
- hedge areas;
- stone, metal and wire fences;
- signs;
- three main lights (one sun and two ambient);
- There are prefabs for easy building.
- The lights are baked.
- Textures are 1024px x 1024px.
- About 20k tris and about 30k verts.


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