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Create beautiful scenes fast with GeNa Pro!

Purchase GeNa Pro today to save time and money by creating beautiful levels for your game so that you can focus on the game play that matters and get to market faster.

Great level design is fun until it's not! Manually shaping your terrain and perfectly placing tens of thousands of objects into your scene is a meticulous process that takes huge amounts of time, and more often than not will look bland as designer fatigue sets in.

By comparison, GeNa Pro gives you what you want, where you want it, and perfectly adapted to it's environment in a fraction of the time that it would take to do by hand. And if you don't like what GeNa does for you the first time then hit 'iterate' until you do and GeNa will create variations for you!

GeNa Pro can spawn anything. It can make forests, rivers and roads along splines, place buildings and automatically clear and flatten the terrain, and can even make entire maps as it intelligently scans your terrain and chooses the best places to create villages and towns and connect them with roads. It is incredible how powerful GeNa is.

GeNa Pro also comes with a powerful decorator system that allows you to influence how your content is placed into your scene. Flatten terrain and clear trees and details under your buildings, snap things to the ground, add in random variation, create sophisticated super spawners out of libraries of sub spawners and much more!

GeNa Pro is the perfect companion to Gaia Pro 2021 (Best Artistic Tool - Unity Awards 2020) by design, and was inspired by our collaboration with Crowfall where GeNa and Gaia were used extensively! In fact in the video on their home page Gaia & GeNa created the environment, and Pegasus did the camera fly throughs and character movement. Good tools and amazing talent makes magic!

As powerful at runtime as it is at design time, GeNa Pro was designed with runtime API control and extensibility in mind, so you can extend GeNa Pro and embed it into your own solutions.

As a FREE bonus, GeNa Pro comes with spawner packs for Gaia Pro 2021, and the free Flooded Grounds modular asset pack so that it is simple and fast to create environments that 'just work', and you can be up and running in your own amazing levels within minutes. Keep an eye out as we introduce more spawner packs in the future!

GeNa Pro consists of the following major components:

GeNa Spawners: Spawn assets into scenes.

GeNa Map Builder: Procedurally create and connects towns.

GeNa Decorators: Decorate assets with logic that influences spawning.

GeNa Splines: Defines paths for Spawners & Spline Extensions.

GeNa Rivers: A specialized spline extension for river networks.

GeNa Roads: A specialized spline extension for road networks.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy to use.
  • Nicer environments.
  • Massive time savings.
  • Replicable quality through automation.
  • Better frame rates (dependent on situation).
  • Better lighting.
  • Fun!

Key Features:

  • Single, global, paint, spline & map based spawn modes.
  • Extensible spawner, decorator and spline and city building systems.
  • Spawns textures, grasses, trees, prefabs, structures, towns, rivers, roads.
  • Automated map generation system finds optimal spaces for villages, spawns them, and then connects them with roads.
  • Automated road generation system grade based path finding.
  • Automated river generation system with flow based path finding.
  • Works on terrains and meshes across multiple terrain tiles.
  • Automated prefab optimization system.
  • Automated light probe placement.
  • Edit and runtime spawning modes.
  • In editor physics based spawning.
  • API controllable.

Supported Pipelines:

  • GeNa needs compute shader support to work.
  • Pipeline agnostic, we spawn whatever you put in.

Source Code:

Not provided. Contact us privately if you wish to purchase.

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About Procedural Worlds:

At Procedural Worlds our mission is to empower people to create, automate and navigate worlds. Our products are easy to use, nicely integrated and well supported.

We service indies, professionals and enterprise with our tools, and deliver custom projects for studios, enterprise and government. Our special power is that we have both a deep procedural technology stack, and an amazing team of experts, and we leverage this unique combination to create applications, games, sims, mapping and mmo / metaverse experiences at a fraction of the typical time and cost. Check out our gallery, and then contact us.

We are a Unity Partner, Intel Partner, and have been a top asset store publisher since we first launched Gaia in 2015. Our reviews over this time speak for themselves.

Our Products:


World Building Bundle - 2021 Edition - Get another 20% off our most popular tools with this awesome bundle. It includes Gaia Pro 2021, Gena Pro, Ambient Sounds, Pegasus and SECTR 2019.


Gaia Pro 2021 - Gaia 2 is an introductory version of Gaia Pro. Gaia 2 expands on the original Gaia 1 with multi terrain and biome support.

GeNa Pro - GeNa Pro os the big brother of GeNa 2. It is a complete re-write, and includes all of the capability of GeNa 2 plus the ability to create splines, rivers, roads and villages and to shape and fill your terrain with rocks, trees grasses and more.

SECTR Complete 2019 - A suite of performance-enhancing tools that enable open world streaming, massive mobile games and includes the latest techniques in audio occlusion and propagation.

Ambient Sounds - A tool that creates interactive soundscapes that also comes with professionally composed sound effects and music library.

Pegasus - A system that can drive anything along a path. Great for cut-scenes, and even has an ambient ai that supports formations, animation and local avoidance for your NPCs and animals!

Stamp Packs

As the intentor of the stamp concept, and obsessive landscape creators, we know a thing or two about stamps. Check out our Stamp Packs for a range of landscapes that work with Unity, our tools, and anyother tool that supports the stamp concept.

Game Ready Levels

If you have our tools, and would like some optimised levels to build your game around, or learn from then check out our Game Ready Levels.

Micro Biomes

Micro Biomes are small biomes that are designed to be mixed and matched to create more interesting environments with Gaia Pro 2021 and GeNa Pro.

Procedural Spawner Packs

We take some of the best modular assets in the store and make it easy for you to use them in your scene with Gaia Pro and GeNa Pro and our Procedural Spawner Packs. Bring your artistic vision to life and procedurally create in minutes what would take weeks or months by hand!

Third Party Licences:

Gaia contains sample assets from other publishers that have been included with their permission, shaders derived from the Unity Standard Shaders package, and shaders derived from the Unity Terrain Tools package and made available for use under the Unity Companion License. Information about these licences have been included within the relevant directories in Gaia.

Upgrade Policy:

Every year as we further develop our products we may charge an upgrade fee of 20-50% of the full purchase price for the next major release of our software. Our updates are done in sync with the yearly Unity release cycle i.e. 2020, 2021, 2022 etc.

You are not obliged to upgrade to newer versions of our products and your product will continue to work on the Unity release it was targeted at, however, old versions of our products will not be supported on new versions of Unity.

Upgrades support the team so that we can continue to support our products and you.


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