Isle of Lore: Hex Tiles


Isle of Lore: Hex Tiles covers all your fantasy map and digital board game needs with its set of hex tiles of various biomes, overlays like roads and rivers and location icons like villages and dungeons.


● 20x Grasslands, 20x Forests, 20x Mountains, 40x Oceans
● 1000+ elements (trees, rocks and more) to create your own tiles or non-hex map
● 30 location icons
● Overlays for paths, roads, rivers and shorelines

Additional Information

● Krita/Photoshop Source Files
● Hex Size: 344x132 px

Island Generator

The asset pack contains an island generator as a tool for tabletop RPG players and a gimmick to have fun with. It generates little islands as png files. Please be aware: it's an exe, the source code is not included and it has very limited configurability as it was specifically made for this asset pack.


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