Lowpoly Pack : Modular Dungeons


On this impressive asset package you will find a kit of very high quality low poly meshes prepared for you to create incredible medieval fantasy dungeons.

ZerinLABS presents:

On this impressive asset package you will find a kit of very high quality low poly meshes prepared for you to create incredible medieval fantasy dungeons.

- The pack includes more than 130 high quality meshes

With a wide variety of objects. Ranging from architectonical pieces to:

  • Coffins
  • Furniture elements
  • Books
  • Weapons
  • Windows
  • Doors and gates
  • ...

- Combine them

And create unique configurations and environment sets

*** B O N U S !!

The pack includes too a fantastic PBR shader to enhance the look and depth of this lowpoly library with powerfull Vertex Colour functionalities


◼ Key Features 

  • MOBILE READY for Android and iOS
  • URP & LWRP + built-in render pipeline compatible!
  • Perfect unity snap/grid compatibility

Technical details (per kit)

  • More than 120 unique assets meshes
  • 2 asset versions each:   
    • High : highpoly meshes with lowpoly look
    • Low : reduced polycount
  • Both FULLY compatible
  • Vertex color enhacement shader included
  • Support for Standard Built-in and URP pipeline on all the meshes
  • No textures or mapping required
  • Polycount varies depending on the object and version
    • High = from 1500 to 30k per asset
    • Low = from 500 to 10-15k per asset


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