Military Base Asset Pack



Create massive forward operating bases, combat outposts, military checkpoints and modern fortifications with this extensive pack of optimized low poly assets. All assets come in different colors like desert tan, army green, grey and white, and use a limited amount of texture atlases.

This pack contains more than 150 modular prefabs with up to 4 LODs ranging from canvas tents to guard towers, metal warehouses, equipment, containers, crates, signs and includes all 40+ assets from my Barriers & Barricades pack, which comes with Hesco bastions, sandbags, concrete Bremer walls, Czech hedgehogs, gates and a variety of fencing.

These assets are very level designer friendly. Many of the prefabs can be snapped together or stacked on top of each other. This allows you to create your own custom guard towers and bunkers and should make alignment very straightforward.

Please keep in mind these assets are mostly intended for topdown RTS or RPG perspectives, and may not be suitable for detailed first person viewing. If you wish to increase level of detail, simply increase the LOD0 percentage and apply it to your preferred prefabs.

It's very likely I will continue to expand this set, as I'm actively using it myself. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, complaints or suggestions!


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