Polaris 2021 - Low Poly & Mesh Terrain Editor


We're happy to present to you the newest version Polaris 2021, with the following worth-the-price features:We're happy to present to you the newest version Polaris 2021, with the following worth-the-price features:

  • Erosion Simulator: A killer component to create natural looking terrains by applying hydraulic and thermal erosion to terra-forming and texturing, powered by Compute Shader.
  • Conditional Painting: A fast and efficient way to apply texture to your terrains using rules.
  • Pushing the limit: Improve performance by using the C# Job System for many more components.
  • Make it friendly: A bunch of UI/UX improvements and redesign.


Polaris is a user friendly low poly terrain tool which help you to create gorgeous landscapes, that can run well on both Desktop, Mobile and VR applications, save you a lot of time and effort!

Polaris provides everything you need from sculpting, texturing, planting, decorating and rendering. All in one place.

Polaris let you work with traditional painting or the modern procedural workflow, or somewhere in between.


  • Optimal performance: Everything run smoothly both in game and in editor, scale across low end mobile devices to powerful PCs.
  • Highly customizable: Provided shaders cover many art styles, you can tailor the system to your special needs. You take control of nearly everything.
  • Professional customer service: Get support right in the editor, or via email, or Discord. Quick response time.


  • Super easy to learn: Familiar workflow, no more guessing works thank to Live Preview, in depth documents, or even get the answer right in the Editor before you have to reach out!
  • Multi-threaded & GPU accelerated: Harness the power of Burst Compiler, C# Job System and GPU calculation. Get instant result, in real-time. Multi-terrains editing handled with ease.
  • Modern & easy to use toolbox: Complete tool set with some familiar and some unique you can't find anywhere.
    • Paint tools: About 20 types of painter, support runtime painting.
    • Spline tools: Making roads, ramps, rivers, etc.
    • Stamp tools: Procedural sculpting, texturing and spawning.
    • Erosion simulator: Simulate hydraulic and thermal erosion.
    • Billboard editor: Creating billboard assets.
    • Texture creator: Texture authoring.
    • Group tool: Multi-terrains management.
    • Backup tool: Backup and undo.
    • Data tools: Import and export data.
    • Converter: Convert Unity terrain to Polaris, for migrating from other terrain tools.
    • Extension system: Adding modules or integration with other assets.
    • Help tool: Search for FAQ right in the Editor.
  • Advanced geometry generation: Speed up your scene with dynamic mesh wireframing, multiple levels of detail (up to 4 levels), Unity Navigation System compatible; more interesting geometry with cross-tiles matching, XZ plane displacement, holes, flat/smooth normal mixing.
  • Massive foliage rendering: Dense forest rendered within a blink of the eyes with GPU Instancing, no Game Object overhead, billboard rendering & grass wind animation as well as interactive grass.
  • Unlimited shading styles: From Lambert, Blinn Phong to Physical Based; from Gradient Lookup, Color map, Vertex Color to Splats; whatever!
  • VR ready: Achieve an immersive and high performance VR experience in no time. Tested on Oculus Rift S.


  • Standard RP.
  • Universal RP.


  • VistaProcedurally generate your terrains using graphs, in a non-destructive manner, with biomes and advanced simulations.
  • Amplify Shader Editor: Customize the provided shaders to fit your special needs using a visual graph.
  • MicroSplat: Advanced terrain shader with modern techniques, high visual fidelity and performance.
  • Vegetation Studio Pro: Advanced procedural foliage placement and rendering.
  • World Streamer: Dynamically stream a huge level and gain top notch performance.
  • Other terrain assets: You can use other assets such as Gaia, MapMagic, Terrain Composer, World Creator to create the terrain, then convert it to low poly using the provided converter.
  • Other terrain generator applications: You can use application like World Machine, World Creator 2, Gaea to create terrain textures then importing them using Data tools.


It comes with many sample assets for you to use in your project. These assets are used under permission of their talented creators.

  • Trees, grass textures and rocks from Pinwheel Studio.
  • Environment structures and vehicles from Total Game Assets.
  • Trees from Distant Lands.
  • And more to come.


  • Unity 2020.3+
  • The new Erosion Tool is heavily relying on Compute Shader, so please make sure your target platform support compute shader. If you only want to use the Erosion Tool in the editor, then Window with DX11/DX12 and Shader Model 5.0 GPU, and MacOS with Metal API will work.


The following package is required for the tool to work:

  • Mathematics (com.unity.mathematics)


For the tool to work at its best, the following packages are recommended, but not required:

  • Burst Compiler (com.unity.burst).
  • Editor Coroutines (com.unity.editor-coroutines).


Not only about the terrain, it's everything you need to create a gorgeous Low Poly level.


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Some assets in the screenshots such as water and sky are NOT included in this package.


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