Polygonal - Wolf


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Polygonal Series 3D characters are in faceted style and VR AR friendly. Textures are only 32 x 32 and assets remain clear when close up. It will be a good addition to other faceted style environment packs in the Unity asset store.

Polygonal Series Wolf

This pack contains Wolf. Wolf is agile and fierce. It's rigged and animated.Textures are are available in 3 colors. Wolf has 18 animations. Generic mecanim rig set up. Triangle count is 1400.

See videos and images provided for model/animations preview.

- Idle
- Walk forward with root motion
- Walk forward without root motion
- Run forward with root motion
- Run forward without root motion
- Walk backward with root motion
- Walk backward without root motion
- Bite attack
- Breath attack
- Pound attack
- Eating
- Howl
- Look Around
- Jump without root motion
- Jump with root motion
- Resting
- Take damage
- Die

The demo scene is using these FREE unity assets:
- Post Processing Stack

Only FBX and PNG are be provided in the package. Additional fee is required for working files.


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