Real World Terrain


Real World Terrain is a tool for automatically creating high-quality terrains, meshes, Gaia stamps and RAW files based on real-world data with global coverage.

Incredibly fast and easy to use, and allows you to create high-quality terrains in a couple of clicks.

In addition, Real World Terrain can create buildings, roads, trees, grass, and rivers based on Open Street Map data.

Real World Terrain is incredibly powerful and flexible. It has a powerful Editor API to automate the generation of terrains, and Runtime API positioning objects by coordinates, etc.

Real World Terrain has integration with the best assets of the Asset Store, which gives almost unlimited possibilities in the generation of terrains.


• Render Pipelines: Built-in RP, URP, HDRP, custom RP.

• Elevation Heightmaps:

- Bing Maps resolution of max 10 meter per pixel;

- Mapbox;

- SRTM v4.1 resolution of 90 meters per pixel;

- SRTM30 resolution of 30 meters per pixel.

• Texture providers: ArcGIS, DigitalGlobe, Map Quest, Mapbox, Mapy.CZ, Nokia Maps (here.com), Virtual Earth (Bing Maps), Open Street Map, Sentinel-2 + ability to download tiles from custom url.

• Satellite images resolution of max 0.25 meter per pixel.

• Can create: Unity Terrains, Meshes, Gaia stamps, RAW files.

• Can generate regular textures and Huge Texture (up to 26624x26624px) for each terrain.

• Can generate Terrain Layers based on Mapbox vector tile data.

• Can create objects based on Open Street Map:

- Editable roads for EasyRoads3D Pro v3 and Road Architect;

- Editable buildings for BuildR (editable) or built-in building engine;

- Rivers as meshes or for R.A.M 2019;

- Trees;

- Grass.

• A tool to select area directly on map.

• A lot of extra tools for working with coordinates, objects and postprocessing.

• Unlimited number of generated terrains.

• Integration (optional): BuildREasyRoads3D Pro v3Gaia 2Gaia ProHuge TextureOnline MapsPlaymakerR.A.M 2019Relief Terrain PackRoad ArchitectVegetation StudioVegetation Studio ProVolumeGrassWorldStreamer.


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