Sky Studio - Dynamic Sky and Weather


Sky Studio is the most customizable dynamic sky and weather system for Unity!

NEW! Sky Studio now fully supports URP and Built-in render pipelines!

Key features:

Rain, rain surface splashes, lightning, stars, fog, clouds, sun & moon, day & night cycle, and more. All can be customized and animated through 90+ sky properties, without sacrificing performance.

Think Custom! Sky Studio breaks the traditional constraints of other sky systems, by allowing limitless customization of the sky, weather, day-night-cycles, textures, and custom animations. Say goodbye to your one size fits all sky solution!

The Sky Timeline, unique to Sky Studio, allows you to build detailed sky animation transitions and control the 90+ animatable sky and weather properties. Easily create custom day-night cycles that animate in-out the stars, rain, lightning, clouds, and sun/moon orbit paths. Whether you’re building a small project or a complex game, Sky Studio will help you design the custom sky you’ve imagined!


Tutorial Video Series:

#1 – Setup Sky

#2 – Sky Background

#3 – Sun and Moon

#4 – Clouds

#5 – Stars

#6 – Rain

#7 – Rain Surface Splashes

#8 – Lightning and Thunder

#9 – Fog

#10 – Sky Timeline


(NEW!) Sky Profile Transitions

Sky Studio can now automatically animate between your different Sky Profile settings. With just 1 line of code, you can get a smooth animation between different sky configurations, including weather effects! Demo scene included on how to easily trigger a Sky Profile transition.


Sky Studio weather includes GPU accelerated rain effects that are highly art customizable and performant. Use our beautiful pre-configured art rain styles, or easily supply your own images to customize the style of the rain effect in your game. This lets you create a wide range of visual rain styles such as realistic rain, low-poly rain, falling fireballs, or anything else you can dream-up.


Sky Studio weather includes GPU accelerated rain splashes that create a new level of immersion for your weather scenes. Our rain splash system is both highly performant and completely customizable. Rain splashes are animated and will splash off of objects in your scene (like the ground). Use our existing rain splash styles, or easily create your own custom splash effects with a custom mesh and sprite sheet animation.


Sky Studio weather includes a built-in lightning and thunder system, which is highly customizable. You can easily control where lightning bolts are spawned in your scene, as well as completely customize or create your own unique lightning bolts and sounds.


Easily setup high-performance dynamic clouds with customizable density, color, wind direction, speed, height, and proper additive blending with the rest of the sky. We also have fully art customizable clouds through our cloud cubemap support. Design your own texture and meshes, and Sky Studio will render them right into the skybox... even with real-time lighting!


Sky Studio supports a fully customizable 3-way gradient that can be easily animated. You can easily adjust the horizon position and even the distribution and length of the gradient. If your project requires a more detailed background Sky Studio also supports custom cubemap backgrounds, which are fully supported by the rest of Sky Studio features.


Sky Studio's orbiting bodies are completely customizable, with deep Unity Editor integration to make positioning the sun as easy as point-n-click in the scene view. You can optionally supply your own custom textures (additive or transparent), and even create custom animation paths through the sky using our Sky Timeline keyframe animation editor. Just a few of the orbiting body customizations are changing the size, color, texture, path, light color, light intensity, and sprite sheet animation support.


Quickly add brilliant twinkling stars into your game! Our star system is fully art customizable, and extremely performant. Sky Studio can even render 360 space scenes with dynamic twinkling stars!


Create atmospheric conditions using our custom skybox horizon fog, and we also integrate with Unity's Global Fog settings.


Our custom sky profiles and UI editor integration, make it easy to build custom skies and switch between them during runtime.


Sky Studio is extremely performant and can even run on mobile class hardware. Our fast single-pass skybox shader has been tested and verified to run at 60 FPS effortlessly on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS, and HTML 5! Developers have told us that adding Sky Studio has had no noticeable performance impact. We have support for "shader model 2" devices (such as OpenGL ES 2) or higher.


Integrating your own custom logic to trigger at certain points in a day/night cycle is easy with our callbacks provided by the sky system controller.


Sky Studio has been tested and verified to work with Aquas and Gaia Unity Assets.


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