Soccer Project


Ruben Alcañiz is now offering an amazing package you can use to create your own football game with little effort; most of the game logic has already been programmed and the AI will gladly surprise you. It is up to you whether to polish the game to have it ready in a couple of weeks or use it as a base template to save you months’ worth of work.

This is what’s included in our package:

– Fully customizable football player model and textures.
– Football player animations (dribbling, passing, corner kick, free kick, walking, running, tackle, etc.).
– NPCs can react to many different situations during the game (waiting for pass, attacking, defending, etc.).
– Prefabs: all the required prefabs to create a playing field.
– DPad: iPhone/Android friendly controls, perfect for touch-based screens.
– Direct technical support with the original programmer: rubenalcanyiz@gmail.com
– Official Unity Forum Thread: Forum Thread – Discuss or ask anything: Discord

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