Stylized Caves


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Built-in and URP is supported.

This asset contains:

Base toon metallic shader(Custom lighting/non-pbr) uses Diffuse and Normal with optional features:

Metallic(Diffuse A-channel mask)

Emissive(Additional map)+parallax feature(Diffuse A-channel mask)

Base toon metallic blendshader(same as previous but with another objects blending feature; shadow casting is not supported)

Sand/snow shader

Worldspace triplanar shader with sand/snow covering feature.

More than 250 prefabs!

32 Cave parts models(rooms, corridors, objects)with lods-check technical details.

5 Chest models

3 Crystal models

8 Stone models(with lods)

13 Vegetation models(mushrooms, flowers-with lods)

24 Wooden objects(some with lods)


Stones diffuse+normalmap(1024x1024)

Chests diffuse(5 variants)+normalmap(1024x1024)

Crystals diffuse+emissive(512x512)+normalmap(1024x1024)

Walls diffuse+ice variant+normalmap(1024x1024)

Ice diffuse(512x512)

Detail stone(+ice variant)+detain normalmap(1024x1024)

Sand diffuse(1024x1024) +Snow variant(512x512)+normalmap(1024x1024)+sand noise(128x128)

Skull diffuse+normalmap(256x256)

Vegetation diffuse(2 variants)(256x256)+emissive()2 variants)+normalmap(512x512)

Wooden objects diffuse+normalmap(1024x1024)

VFX alphas(2)(512x512)

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