Survival Character 01


Survival Character Vol 01

AAA Survival Character for Third and First Person Shooter Games!!! Take your Game to the Next Level, High Quality Textures, PBS Ready with Marmoset Skyshop and Unity 5, also, 3 Level of Detail, Mecanim Ready and more to create the must Great Experience!!!

Key Features:

.- FBX Meshes with 3 LOD
- LOD0 = 16.991 Tris
- LOD1 = 9.229 Tris
- LOD2 = 7.059 Tris

.- PBS 4K, 2K, 1K Textures and 2 Different Skins (Original & Camo)
- Albedo
- Normal Map
- Specular
- Gloss
- Ambient Occlusion
- Color
- (RGB) Albedo + (A)Gloss
- (RGB) Specular + (A)Gloss
- (RGB) Gloss + (A)Specular

.- Mecanim READY!!! Full Rigged Characters with a EYES, JAW Bones and Teeth and Tongue for Lip-Sink and HOOD bones to be animated

.- FBX with the HOOD animation, Take ON/OFF
.- Maya Files for Each LOD to Easy Modification or animation

This is the First Survival Character! of one pack, that we are development with the idea to give Consistency and AAA assets to your Games!!!
More to come!!! Soon!!!


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