TPS Shooter (Military Style)


The most user friendly Third Person Shooter Kit in the AssetStore. Works out of the box, no additional setup required.

For beginners: no code skills. Setup of the asset components in YouTube videos.
For professionals: code modularity with no references between components allows asset extending without changing old code.


• Mobile and Desktop friendly. All features are available for both Desktop and Mobile. YouTube Setup

• Easy to use. Assigned icons on scripts. Icons with Green colors are scripts for player, Red for enemies, Yellow are neutral scripts.

• Camera State Machine allows easily extend camera behaviour.

• UI Framework used in different Game Studios. No references between UI and main components due to Events System. UI Framework make different UI components independent between each other.

• The player can walk, run, crouch, jump, shoot, reload, aim and throw grenades. Great animations and blend trees give a full satisfaction while playing the game.

• Tools for creating Player and WeaponsYouTube Setup

• Free hands mode.

• Scope system. Head Bob. Weapon Sway. Feel like you playing real AAA games with such effects while aiming.

• Bullet holes, bullet trails and surfaces reaction. It makes the game more realistic.

• Ammo and Health Pick Ups.

• Weapon Recoil system.

• Inventory System, Weapon Pick Up/Drop system.

• Weapon change system.

• Different decals on different surfacesYouTube Setup

• Different step sounds on different surfacesYouTube Setup

• Hit markers.

• Radar system.

• Vehicle system. The pack contains a ready-to-use car, but you can easily add some new ones. Video Setup

• Ready to use AI (enemies) that can patrol, track the player and shoot him (using NavMesh).

• Enemy Creator Tool. Video Setup

• Enemy Waypoints System.

• Enemy Health Bar.

• Zombie that can hear, patrol and attack.

• Zombie Creator Tool. Video Setup

• Input SystemBy default, you have Desktop and Mobile Input Controller, but you can very easy extend them.

• Mobile Input System is revolutionary. When you play on mobile, you do not feel any discomfort, it is very convenient to play. It also contains manual and auto shoot.

• UI, Manager and Event systems.

• Save Load system .

• Stop/Resume/Finish Game system -> GameManager. The asset also contains Menu scene with weapon and location choose, + settings. YouTube Setup

• Ragdoll.

• Helicopter waypoints. Makes your game more exciting. YouTube Setup

• Great military styled terrain. Ready for use in your game.


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