Polyquest Worlds Full Pack Vol.1


First Volume of the "POLYQUEST" series,
a high quality, modular & versatile family
of high-end low poly assets. By combining
both high production value & presenting a
complete solution, "POLYQUEST" is simply
a must have toolkit for every production
involving any kind of stylized visuals.

Polyquest Worlds Full Pack main features:

• highly optimized, modular & versatile assets
• each vertex was carefully placed by hand
• more than 110 different high-end models
• more than 77 example scenes included
• more than 340 detailed screenshots
• compatible with "POLYQUEST" characters 
• includes URP version
• can achieve all sorts of different looks
• ready for low & high-end mobile devices
• ready for Oculus, GearVR, Vive, Daydream
• great for RPG, FPS & top down games
• great for 3D, 2D, 2.5D & isometric games
• great for cell shade, toon & illustrative look
• great for low poly, flat shaded & 8bit look
• can give realistic results when textured
• assets are carefully unwrapped by hand
• all assets come with 2 different UV sets
• all assets scale very well in every direction
• all assets react elegantly to light
• all lighting setups & materials are included
• a wide range of different lighting setups
• a wide variety of various environments
• works great for different game genres
 includes a 10 page tutorial document

Polyquest Worlds Full Pack main contents:

• more than 110 different cliffs, rocks,
blocks, stones, bridges, arcades, monoliths,
platforms, gravels, grounds, oceans, vistas
cut-out cards & “god ray” cards
• highly optimized assets running smoothly
even on low-end mobile devices
• more than a 100 different materials
texture simulating real-world surfaces
• 87 different example scenes with lighting
• all assets come in 3 different versions:
“standard”, “multimat” and “layered”
• all assets have their own prefabs
• includes 27 different cliffs
• 25 different rocks
• 36 different stones
• 14 different gravel pieces
• 5 grounds & oceans
• 4 very versatile vista cut-out cards
• 2 god ray cards
• 1 custom vertical fog shader
• 10 different custom light flares
• 10 different textures
• 26 different “solid color” textures
• 13 different unity procedural skyboxes
• screenshot character not included.
• pixelated camera shader not included
but can be downloaded freely
• Includes a layout scene with all assets
laid out in 2 different dispositions


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