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Aircraft Flight Physics Toolkit features realistic aerodynamics and flight simulators for airplanes, helicopters, and many other vehicles. It also includes ready-to-use prebuilt examples for drag-and-drop in your project and components for weapons, hud, weather, atmospheric simulator, sky with light scattering, and aeronautical construction fully integrated with Unity Editor.

Simulator Integration

The simulator is fully integrated with Unity Physics and allows you to rig and customize any aircraft part or aerofoil. It automatically calculates the coefficients from geometry (or will soon allow you to use precooked all file coefficients) and applies the aerodynamic model of any object based on the geometry (using discrete element equations). This allows customization of simulation parameters, including effects like ground effect or propwash over vehicles like airplanes, helicopters, etc.

Aerodynamic Modeling

This package will model for you the aerodynamic physics of anything that comes to your mind; it is also valid for general body aerodynamics. Complete source code is included, although no scripting skills are required; you can use it as easily as drag-and-drop.


  • Now includes weapons (guns and rockets).
  • Airflow laminar analyzer.
  • Virtual HUD.
  • Compatibility with Unity and Unity Pro.
  • Integration with Unity rigid-body physics.
  • Drag-and-drop airplane and helicopter prefabs; example test scene; everything you need for your project is included.
  • Easy modeling from scratch or from schematics without programming.
  • Generic components: for example, you can use the toolkit’s pivots to model any moving part without having to write any code.
  • It implements several different types of components, such as engines, and each piece is highly customizable.
  • Debugging features include the ability to change values during runtime, as well as switchable debugging features such as showing found geometry, forcing vector rendering, and providing notifications.
  • Helicopter modeling.
  • Ready-to-use camera manager for flight simulators and input controls.
  • Skybox rendering with light scattering.
  • Wind simulation with gusts and variable atmospheric conditions simulation for various altitudes (yes, you can go beyond the atmosphere, into space).
  • Compatible with any type of vehicle or thing; for example, car aerodynamics can be modeled.
  • C# scripts for improved performance; complete source code; developer manual; lifetime upgrades; and full support (contact).
  • Many more features are still planned (AFL profile import, missiles, sound-barrier effects, and more examples). Buy now and them enjoy for free in the future.

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