Climbing System - Free Download



Create third-person games with fluid climbing using the Climbing System. This system allows you to add climbing abilities, achieve fluid movement, and customize it as per your requirements.


  • With the Climbing System, you can now climb freely around ledges and achieve free flow movement similar to Uncharted.
  • The system is compatible with both Character Controller and Rigidbody.
  • It is a flexible package that allows you to create any 3rd person game and adapt it to your needs.
  • You can simply use the character prefab and only change the model in seconds!
  • You can create a custom script to make it work for Multiplayer, but there is no ready setup for it.

Abilities Included in this Package

  • Complete climbing abilities with free flow movement
  • Ladder climbing
  • Short Climb
  • Vault
  • Wall Run
  • Locomotion and Strafe
  • Crouch
  • Roll
  • Crawl

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