Components For Horror FPS Kit - Free Download


Are you looking to elevate your HFPS project? Look no further than Components!

Components is a comprehensive extension for the HFPS system, designed from scratch to provide a multitude of useful systems that will effortlessly transform your project. However, to use Components, you must own a copy of Horror FPS KIT.

With Components, you’ll get access to an Action Bar, Complex Notifications, a Components Save System, Ignitable, Screen Events, Simple Fade, Simple Widescreen, Sub Actions, 30 Main Scripts, 7 Helper Extensions (including Enemy Creator, Player Creator, Ragdoll Creator, Scenes Updater, Script Editor, Version Detect & Weapon Creator), 9 Utility Scripts, 11 Demo Scenes, 2 Breakable Models (Locker and Table), Demo Animations, Sounds, Graphics and Documentation.

Components also integrates with Dizzy Media Assets such as Audio Diaries for HFPS, Text Diaries for HFPS, Diaries Pack for HFPS, Durability for HFPS, Extensions for HFPS, Mobile Controls for HFPS, Puzzler for HFPS and Vendor for HFPS. Additionally, it integrates with the Dialogue System for Unity from 3rd Party.

Please note that Components replaces Easy Hide and integration is not supported.

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