DestroyIt Destruction System - Free Download


💥 Overview

DestroyIt is a highly optimized destruction system that provides multiple options for handling the damage, repair, and destruction of objects in your games.

📊 Highlights

  • Objects can show visible progressive damage (which can be repaired) using the Standard shader or included URP/HDRP custom shaders along with customizable damage textures. You can also play damage effects at any damage level, for instance, an engine that starts smoking at half health and catches on fire at one-quarter health.
  • Destruction can be simple or realistic, from playing a particle effect to replacing the object with a pre-fractured prefab (that you supply). You can even combine the two for a more extravagant effect.
  • DestroyIt is designed to handle mass destruction efficiently. The framework provides tools for limiting particle effects and debris when many objects are destroyed at once or are farther away from the camera. Object pooling is also used to optimize memory allocation.
  • Everything in the demo scenes and screenshots is provided, as well as fully-documented C# source code and user guides to get you started.

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