Realistic Sniper and Ballistics System - Free Download


The Realistic Sniper and Ballistics System (RSB) is a comprehensive toolset for creating shooter games, particularly sniper games, with realistic ballistics simulation. With RSB, you can easily create realistic bullet trajectories, bullet time effects, dynamic scope systems, penetration and ricochet effects, and much more.

RSB is not limited to a single genre and can be used in first-person, third-person, or any other type of game that requires realistic bullet simulation. In addition to its core features, RSB also includes a game-ready first-person controller with head-bobbing, gun sway, breath holding sway, and a simple bolt-action weapon controller.

RSB’s systems are designed to be modular and decoupled from one another, with an event system that allows for easy integration into your own projects. You can pick and choose the parts of RSB that you need and easily integrate them with your existing player characters or other shooter assets.

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