Phone Call System - Free Download



The Phone Call System is a complete template for implementing unlimited styles of phone interaction. The system has three included variants: payphone, office, and mobile.


  • Completely rewritten: Unified Managers and Optimizations.
  • Big Rework: Managers, Elements & More!
  • Supports: First Person & Third Person Interaction.
  • Raycast and Trigger Event Interaction.
  • 3 Custom UI phone keypads.
  • 3 Custom PBR Phones: Wall Pay Phone, Office Phone, Modern Mobile Phone.
  • Infinity Keypad Input: Call an infinite amount of numbers.
  • Sprites / Textures Included.
  • Basic sound effects.
  • Fully prefabbed.
  • Full Documentation.
  • Full C# Source Code: These allow you to input a varied string code to the length of your choice, which if matched by the player will allow you to play an audio clip. In this case, a phone recording or call.

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