Tactical Shooter AI - Free Download


Tactical Shooter AI

Download: Tactical Shooter AI FREE Unity


  • Add dynamic and challenging AI to your game
  • AI agents capable of coordinating tactics, taking cover, and engaging foes with a variety of devastating weapons
  • Full cover system that supports both pre-marked and automatically located cover at run-time
  • Battlefield interaction, such as widening an explosive barrel when enemies are near or moving a table to create cover
  • Advanced tactics, including coordinated flanking and suppressing fire
  • Customize agents to develop radically different units, such as tactical Special Forces, small-arm wielding berserkers, and careful snipers
  • Multiple movement animations, including leaping to the side to dodge an attack or vaulting a short wall to take cover behind it
  • Easily integrates with UFPS and includes integration instructions for RFPS
  • Robust damage system where agents can take different amounts of damage if hit in different body parts and can be staggered by strong enough attacks.

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