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Customizable Survivors Pack: Tailor Your Game Characters

Explore the versatile collection of customizable game-ready characters, encompassing both male and female options. Delve into the detailed specifications of each model on their respective pages.

Overview of the Customizable Survivors Pack:
😡 Blendshapes:
Incorporating Apple Blendshapes for the male characters, rigorously tested with Live Link Face in Unreal Engine 5.

These assets are suitable for various applications, such as Live Stream facial animations, LiveLinkFace, FaceWare, Facial Motion Capture (Mocap), VTuber Avatars, VRChat, MikuMikuDance (MMD), and more.

🔰 Please Note:
While the female character also features blendshapes, they are not associated with apples.
🔥 Diverse Outfits and Modular Design:
Each model is designed with complete modularity, allowing you to effortlessly add or remove any component as desired.
🔰 Please Note:
The outfits can be completely removed, and full-body versions are included.
The body texture comprises both censored and uncensored (upon request) versions.
We have refrained from modeling explicit content or incorporating morphs and rigs for them. The focus is solely on the texture.
To prevent body intersection through clothing, the body is divided into segments.
Hidden segments must be deactivated, which also helps optimize the polygon count.
The weapons provided are solely for demonstration purposes and are not part of the package.

⚔️ Unity Project Compatibility:
🌟 Supported Version: 2021.3.18f1
🌟 Render Pipelines: Built-in, Universal Render Pipeline (URP), High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP)
🌟 Humanoid Rig: Equipped with eye bones but excludes a jaw bone.
🌟 Facial Animations: Achieved using Blendshapes.
🌟 Blueprints and Animations: Not included. External Humanoid Animations can be applied from the Unity Store.
🌟 Physics: Not incorporated.
🌟 AllPartsTogether.fbx: Included for customization purposes.

Female Character Technical Details:

Rigging: Fully rigged using a standard humanoid rig. Rigging extends to the face, breasts, hair, eyes, and jaw.
Unity Animation Retargeting: Animations can be easily retargeted within Unity, maintaining compatibility with the Humanoid rig.
Facial Expressions: Achieved through Morph Targets (Blendshapes).
Texture Quality: Utilizes PBR Textures for Metal/Roughness.
Texture Resolution: 4K Textures encompassing normal, metallic, roughness, albedo, ambient occlusion (AO), opacity, and Material ID (MatID).
Modularity: All texture sets are separate for each component, fostering customization.
Clothing Customization: Base textures are grayscale for outfits, facilitating color changes. Additionally, removable prints like military and city prints are available.
Outfit Mixing: Clothes can be combined to craft unique ensembles. Please note that not all combinations are compatible to prevent clothing overlap.
Male Character Technical Details:

Rigging: Rigged to the humanoid skeleton.
Unity Animation Compatibility: Animations can be readily retargeted within Unity.
Facial Expressions: Morph Targets are harnessed for generating facial expressions and animations.
Apple Blendshapes: Designed for Live Link Face and VTubing purposes.
Texture Quality: Employs PBR Textures for Metal/Roughness.
Texture Resolution: 4K Textures encompassing normal, metallic, roughness, albedo, ambient occlusion (AO), opacity, and Material ID (MatID).
Modularity: Texture sets are separated per component, facilitating personalization.
Clothing Customization: Base textures are grayscale, permitting color alterations. Additionally, detachable prints like military designs can be removed.
Outfit Flexibility: Similar to the female model, mixing and matching outfits are possible, although not all combinations are compatible to avoid overlap.
Polycount Information for Female Character (Combination Example_01):

Faces: 30883
Triangles: 58321
Vertices: 32992
Polycount Information for Male Character (Combination Example_01):

Faces: 94086
Triangles: 115839
Vertices: 79066
📜 Disclaimer:
Please be aware that these assets are intended for educational purposes or as a trial before acquiring the complete commercial version. Utilizing these assets for commercial use without proper licensing is strictly prohibited.

For more details, visit the Unity Asset Store: Customizable Survivors Pack.

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