Advanced Mobile FPS Horror System – Complete FPS Kit for Mobile & PC Platforms


Advanced Mobile FPS Horror System 📱👻

Easily use the Advanced Mobile FPS Horror System for your games on mobile or PC platforms. It includes features like jumpscare, interactive props, flashlight with blue UV, enemy AI, menu UI, ambience, weather, weapons, and more.

Ready-to-Use Mobile FPS Kit System 🎮

This system is well optimized, content-rich, and ready to use. It’s fully customizable, scalable, well documented and structured. You can easily use prefabs to create your horror, puzzle or survival game or fps game in minutes.

Key Features 🔑

FPS Character Controller

  • FPS Hands (Optional – You can deactivate or activate this feature)

Interactable Props

  • Drawer Prop
  • Medkit System
  • Gun (Pistol) and Ammo System
  • Health System and UI Bar with Blood Damage Effect
  • Carriable Boxes
  • Barrel and Fire Particles Prop
  • Doors (Unlock, Open, Close, Hiding behind, Shaking with force, etc…)
  • Keys (Unlocking)
  • Chests with Padlock Puzzle
  • Cabinets
  • Notes (Read)
  • Detachable Woods on Walls

Input Support

  • PC Input Support (Mouse and Keyboard)
  • Mobile Input Support (Joystick and TouchPad)

Game Types

  • Die when you are caught OR Die when your health runs out

Ambience Weather

  • Incredible Horror Ambience Weather (Fog + Rain + Thunder Lights with Sound Effects)

Light Systems

  • FlashLight
  • Blue UV Light against Enemy AIs (Burn Enemies)

AI System

  • AI System for Enemies with Animations

Ladder System

  • Ladder System (Grab, Carry, Place, etc…)


  • 4 Different Ready to use Jumpscares


  • Ready to use and customize Main Menu Scene
  • Ready to use Settings Panel
  • Pause Menu UI and Game Over UI
  • Progressive Loading Screen with Hints and Start Button

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