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Ai.Fy is a robust Unity editor extension that transforms text into images, rough sketches into textures, AI depth maps, and concept designs. It also automatically generates normal maps and smooth maps.


  • Text to Image Converter: Describe the desired image or texture and get results in seconds with one click using fast and efficient inference.
  • Image-to-Image Converter: Convert rough sketches into stunning and stylized game graphics using the Matched Image Feedback Loop.
  • Material Creation: Add more details to your material using normal and specular/smooth map generators without the need for external 3D software.
  • Re-Texture and Re-Master: Use this tool to bulk replace/remix textures and create normal maps or scaled textures with the batch mode feature.
  • Visual Novel Artworks: Create backgrounds and characters for visual novel games without hiring a 3D artist. Just enter a text prompt and let Ai.Fy generate the visuals.
  • Concept Images/Reference Images: Generate up to 50 concept images with a single click.
  • Enhanced Game Textures: Upscale low-resolution textures to 4K textures for enhanced texture graphics.
  • Editor Script: All options are displayed in one panel, including a batch mode and a list of all parameters that can be selected in the editor.

Benefits of Keeping Everything in the Editor

  • Improved Performance: Easier access and management when all resources are in one workspace.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Having all your assets in one workspace allows for a more efficient workflow.
  • Less Complexity: Using fewer services can help reduce the complexity of the development process.

Texture Design Examples

  • Concrete texture, drywall, cracked wall seamless texture, white wall paint with dirt stains seamless
  • Wood texture, wood tiles, mahogany floor, oak seamless texture

Concept Project Examples

  • Interior layout: open-plan kitchen and living room, modular furniture with cotton fabrics, parquet floors, high ceilings, large steel bay windows with city views
  • Octane Render Mitsurugi Portrait: 3D, Octane Render, Depth of Field, Conceptual Art, Vivid, Glow, Trend Art Station, Ultra Detailed, Ultra Realistic, Cinema Lighting, Focus, 8K
  • Highly detailed epic cinematic concept art of an alien pyramid landscape: art station, landscape, concept art, illustration, highly detailed art, hyper-realistic cinematic image

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