BlockOut Prototype Kit - Free Download


Asset Details 📝

Models for Prototyping 🎮

If you’ve ever started a new project but spent too much time modeling and assembling your levels, this asset is for you. It’s also great for asset creators who want to include models from this kit to showcase their scripts and mechanics!

Humanoid Character 👤

This dummy has changeable colors. Body parts can be hidden, and arms can be used for first-person games. Only hands can be left visible for VR projects.

Transport 🚗🛩️🚤

  • Vehicle: This comes with a variety of modifications. Use it as a prototype for cars, trucks, and tanks. Wheels, doors, and the steering wheel can be transformed. Interior included.
  • Aircraft: This includes propellers and engines for different kinds of airplanes. All parts can be transformed. Interior included.
  • Boat: Perfect for fast prototyping your sea transport mechanics.

Weapons 🗡️🔫

Use the included gun and pistol with movable parts to try out weapon scripts. Swords, axes, and shields are also included!

Environment Parts 🌳🏢

Prototype your game levels with ease using trees, bushes, building parts, tunnels, primitives, and stands.

Materials and Shaders 🎨

This kit includes triplanar shaders, so you won’t have to worry about stretched textures. It also offers a variety of materials: blueprints, lines, checkered, concrete, and metal textures with a special shader allowing you to easily change colors.

Procedural Primitives 🪑📦

Tables, chairs, stairs, and basic primitives such as boxes, torses, wedges, and others are generated procedurally.

Camera Scripts 🎥

Free fly, orbit and top-down camera scripts are included so you won’t waste your time rewriting them.

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