IFly2 – Aircraft & Helicopter A.I - Free Download

✈️ Overview

IFly2 is an air combat simulation that features fighter AI and weapon systems. With just one script, you can easily create an AI for an aircraft or helicopter.

📊 Highlights

  • You can create a very easy AI for an aircraft or helicopter with just one script.
  • This asset has an easy editor that allows you to create a SMART aircraft in just a few seconds.
  • Easy and fast for PC or mobile games.
  • The aircraft can quickly attack targets with guns, missiles, and bombs.
  • An easy creator for the waypoint path of the aircraft.
  • The helicopter has an obstacle avoidance system with sensors.

📁 Asset Uses

3D models (3D folder) are under a royalty-free license. See the Third-Party Notices.txt file in the package for details.

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