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Character Zombie (Backsword): Unleashing the Undead with 24 Dynamic Animations


This formidable Zombie Backsword character comes to life with a comprehensive set of 24 animations that promise to elevate the intensity of your game.

Combat Mastery

Among these animations, you’ll find a diverse range of combat actions, including four distinct attack sequences, ensuring that your character can engage enemies with a variety of menacing moves.

Unyielding Defense

Not just an offensive powerhouse, this character is equally adept at defense. The “Block” animation showcases its ability to raise a protective barrier, while “Block Hit” illustrates the character’s reaction when under attack while blocking, adding depth and strategy to gameplay.

Realistic Reactions

In the heat of battle, authenticity matters. The character’s animations for “Get Hit” (both left and right) and “Block Penetration” convey vulnerability and resilience, enhancing immersion.

Diverse Movement

Whether traversing the game world or positioning strategically, the character’s animations for walking (forward and backward), running, and even walking left and right cater to a range of scenarios, ensuring fluid movement and control.

Character and Drama

Beyond combat, the “Shout” animation injects character and emotion into gameplay, while dramatic death sequences like “Death From Stroke” and “Death Shooting” add cinematic flair.

Efficient Design

With an efficient model consisting of 4,560 tris and textures (2048×2048) for diffuse, normal, and specular maps, this character not only excels in animation but also maintains optimal performance, enriching your game’s visual and interactive elements for an unforgettable gaming experience.

List of Animations

The Character Zombie with weapon backsword contains 24 animations:

  • Attack(1)
  • Attack(2)
  • Attack(3)
  • Attack(4)
  • Block
  • Block Hit
  • Block Idle
  • Block Penetration
  • Death From Stroke
  • Death Shooting
  • Get hit
  • Get Hit L
  • Get Hit R
  • Idle
  • Jump
  • Run
  • Run Back
  • Run Left
  • Run Right
  • Shout
  • Walk
  • Walk Left
  • Walk Right
  • Walking back

Additional Information:

The model has 4,560 tris. Textures include Diffuse, normal and specular map (all 2048x2048 size).

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