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Coworking Office Scene: An Overview

The coworking office is a realistic scene that includes a total of 82 models. This pack is ready to be used in 3D projects or games, with all models designed as low-poly for optimal performance.

Included Models

The pack includes a wide range of models to create a comprehensive coworking environment:


  • Tables, chairs, stools, cabinets, sofas, an armchair and a shelf

Kitchen Appliances

  • A coffee maker, a microwave oven, a vending machine, a water cooler, and a small fridge

Office Equipment

  • A whiteboard, a screen, a laptop, a mobile, a landline phone and a tablet


  • Folders, pencils, pens, memo notes, a stack of paper and its plastic tray, a pencil holder, boxes and a Newton´s cradle

Miscellaneous Items

  • Books, different cups for coffee and water, lunch boxes, a kitchen paper roll, a bottle of water, and a waste bin

Decorative Elements

  • Three different kinds of plants and an air refresher


  • Lamps

Architectural Elements

  • Doors, walls, windows, ceiling and floor

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