Destructible objects script - Free Download


Destructible Objects Script: An Overview

The Destructible Objects Script is a universally optimized script that allows you to create your own destructible objects in your game. This asset is not a real-time destructible script; it operates with prefabs using Voronoi’s free plugin.

Key Features

This script is versatile and can be used in various game genres, from racing games to shooters. It offers different settings and adjustments to make destructions realistic.

Customizable Settings

Each object can be customized with collision force, health, explosion force, collision sounds, breaking sounds, cleanup of broken objects, break delay, collision prefabs, and broken prefabs.

Additional Features

The script supports kinematic rigid bodies and broken object reappearing functions.

Mobile Game Compatibility

This asset is also perfectly suitable for mobile games, making it a versatile tool for game development.

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