Easy Save - The Complete Save Data Serializer System - Free Download


💾 Overview

Easy Save is a tool that lets you save almost anything with ease across platforms. It comes with features such as encryption, compression, cloud storage, spreadsheets, backups, and much more.

📊 Highlights

  • Fully documented.
  • Save using C#, or without code using AutoSave.
  • Support for PlayMaker, Bolt, and Unity Visual Scripting*.
  • Access Easy Save from Bolt and Unity Visual Scripting graphs.
  • Third-party NodeCanvas & FlowCanvas integration.
  • Save almost any type.
  • Our serializer was designed specifically for Unity.
  • Fast and lightweight serializer.
  • Using a JSON serializer designed specifically for Unity.
  • Secure save data with encryption.
  • Compact files with compression.
  • Save & load from the cloud.
  • Cross-platform save system.
  • Use save files & code on all supported platforms.
  • Serialize data to spreadsheet.
  • Much more flexible than PlayerPrefs.
  • Unlike PlayerPrefs, it has File IO.
  • Serializer stores data straight to file.

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