Impact - Physics Interaction System (Latest) - Free Download



Impact is a robust and adaptable material-based interaction system designed to produce interactions such as audio, particle, and decal interactions.

Physics Interactions

Impact can play audio when physics objects collide with each other, with sounds based on the collision velocity and the objects’ materials. It can also play sliding and rolling sounds, emit particles on collision, and leave decals behind on collisions. This system works well with rigidbodies linked by joints and ragdolls.


Impact can be utilized to play different footstep sounds based on the material a character is walking over. It is compatible with any character movement system.

Weapon Impacts

Impact can be used to play sounds, emit particles, and place decals for bullet impacts. It is compatible with any weapon or projectile system.


Impact was designed with extensibility as a key goal. You can customize just about any part of the system, from custom triggers to custom objects to custom interactions.

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