Motorbikes Package animated - Free Download

🏍️ Overview: Motorcycle 3D Collection 🏍️

Optimized for real-time engines and suitable for high-quality rendering, our Motorcycle 3D collection features 2 Bike meshes (+2 LODs): Chopper Sport bike.

🎨 Highlights: Customization and Realism 🎨

  • Texture Skins: Each bike uses five different texture skins, while each biker has 10 different texture skins, allowing for a high degree of customization.
  • Animated Versions: Animated versions with rigged bikers are included, adding a new level of realism to your game.
  • Static Versions: Static versions with appropriate hierarchy parts are also available.
  • Triangle Counts: The collection features optimized triangle counts, with 1804 triangles for the tall guy + 4960 for the CBR sportbike, and 1686 triangles for the fat guy + 5901 for the Harley chopper.
  • Animations: The collection includes 28 cool driving and trick stunt animations, adding to the immersive experience.

Experience the thrill of the road with our Motorcycle 3D collection. With a high degree of customization and realism, this collection is sure to elevate your gaming experience.

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