Rpg Heroes Pixel Art Asset Pack - Free Download


Heroes Pixel Art RPG Bundle: An Overview

The Heroes Pixel Art RPG Bundle is a treasure trove for both new and experienced developers. It has been used in over twenty 2D games, offering an extensive collection of characters to enrich your role-playing sagas.

Meet the Heroes

Embark on an odyssey with countless characters, each carefully crafted to bring richness and joy to your games. Here are three brilliantly designed heroes that will amaze your players:

  1. A strong and brave knight
  2. A skilled wizard who defends humanity
  3. A hidden archer proficient with a crossbow

Character Design

Unleash your limitless artistic ingenuity with a variety of fascinating characters, each embodying bold traits and distinctive characteristics. Meticulous attention to detail ensures that your characters evolve from mere NPCs into living embodiments of the epic story you create.

Seamless Integration

Supported by world-class animations, there is seamless integration across all game genres: modern RPGs, endless runners, puzzle missions, fast-paced platformers, strategic tower defense, and more.

Animation Sets

With multiple sets of animations accompanying each hero, including different attack modes, slow and quiet movements, quick sprints, focused steps, graceful jumps, and much more, versatility is at your fingertips.

Image Editing Tools

Image editing tools like Adobe Photoshop allow you to easily resize characters, expand the color palette of your wardrobe, and make various other changes.

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