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Character Creation 🎮

Conceptualization 🧠

When embarking on the creation of a Survivor for your game, the first step is to establish a clear concept. Define the character’s background, personality, and role within the game world. Will this survivor be a fearless hero or a vulnerable protagonist? Determine their appearance, clothing, and any unique attributes that make them distinct and memorable.

Low-Poly Modeling 📐

Efficiency is key in low-poly modeling. Aim to maintain a balance between visual quality and game performance by managing the polygon count judiciously. Focus on capturing essential details that define the character while avoiding excessive complexity that could impact the game’s smooth operation.

Texturing and Material Design 🎨

Bringing the survivor character to life involves creating textures and materials that align with their story and role. Consider incorporating elements like worn clothing, scars, or battle-worn gear, depending on their backstory and the challenges they’ve faced.

Rigging and Animation 🕺

To enable the survivor character to interact seamlessly with the game environment, rig their model for animation. Develop a set of animations that encompass various actions, such as walking, running, climbing, and interacting with objects. These animations should reflect the survivor’s personality and abilities.

Integration into Gameplay 🎲

Ensure the survivor character serves a purpose within the game’s narrative or mechanics. Whether they’re the player’s avatar or an NPC, their presence should enhance the overall gaming experience and contribute to the story’s progression.

Testing and Feedback 📝

Iterate and refine the survivor character model based on player testing and feedback. Ensure that their appearance, animations, and role resonate with the intended audience and enhance the immersion in the game world.

Optimization ⚙️

Lastly, optimize the survivor character model for different platforms and devices, ensuring smooth performance and a consistent gaming experience across various hardware configurations.

The character is divided into parts for customization:

  • Body (7124 faces)
  • Hair (3267 faces)
  • Beard (4206 faces)
  • Hat (412 faces)
  • Wrist protection (802 faces)
  • Backpack (1218 faces)
  • 3 types of weapons (Bat (132 faces), Machete (162 faces), Road sign (150 faces))

Technical Details 🔧

  • Number of prefabs: 5
  • Rigged: Yes
  • Animated: Yes
  • Number of Animations: 20
    • Idle
    • Walk
    • Run
    • Battle Idle
    • Attack 1
    • Attack 2
    • Attack 3
    • Hit
    • Death
    • Weapon Idle
    • Weapon Walk
    • Weapon Run
    • Attack1
    • Attack2
    • Jump In
    • Jump In Weapon
    • Fall
    • Jump Out
    • Jump Out Weapon
    • Pick Up

Animation types: In-place

  • Number of characters: 1
  • Vertex counts of characters: 8,873 verts.
  • Number of Materials: 5
  • Number of Textures: 13 (Color, Normal, Mask)
  • Texture Resolutions: 2048×2048

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