The Neon City - Free Download


High-Quality 3D Asset Pack Overview

This is a high-quality, low-polygon 3D asset pack provided by UModeler, Inc. All assets included in the pack were modeled using UModeler in Unity, allowing for quick and easy editing directly within Unity.

Key Features

Variety of 3D Models

The pack includes 24 types of low-poly 3D models.

Asset Cards

There are 24 asset cards containing information about each asset.

Full Demo Scene

A full demo scene is included in the pack.

File Formats

All assets are provided in both .FBX and .Prefab file formats.

Separate Unity Packages

Separate Unity packages are available for UModeler users. With UModeler assets, you can tweak the meshes immediately in Unity.


The asset pack is compatible with Unity 2019.4.12 and higher versions. It supports BuiltInRP, HDRP, and URP.

Outline of .unitypackage Files

The pack includes several .unitypackage files:

  • NeonCity-BuiltInRP: Contains BuiltInRP and Prefabs without UModeler.
  • NeonCity-BuiltInRP-UModeler: Contains BuiltInRP and Prefabs with UModeler.
  • NeonCity-HDRP: Contains HDRP and Prefabs without UModeler.
  • NeonCity-HDRP-UModeler: Contains HDRP and Prefabs with UModeler.
  • NeonCity-URP: Contains URP and Prefabs without UModeler.
  • NeonCity-URP-UModeler: Contains URP and Prefabs with UModeler.

NeonCity-BuiltInRP is the default package, while the other three .unitypackage files can be found in the UnityPackages folder.

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