The Vegetation Engine - Free Download

🌿 Overview

Vegetation Engine is a suite of highly customizable vegetation shaders, props, and powerful tools designed to unify all assets from Unity Asset Pack, Megascans, Speedtree, Tree Creator, and other custom templates created by your team.

📊 Highlights

The Converter

Vegetation Engine has a one-click conversion process for third-party vegetation resources. After conversion, assets are fully compatible with all features provided by the asset and work in all render pipelines! The converter uses text parameters with an easy-to-use yet comprehensive API.

The Shaders

Vegetation Engine includes highly customizable shaders that are compatible with all rendering pipelines. Thanks to the feature parity between the pipelines, you can switch to a different rendering pipeline at any time. With over 50 parameters, you can toggle features on and off with the Amplify Base feature!

The Elements

Vegetation Engine includes a complete set of modular elements for unlimited character movement and interaction, traffic flow, local wind, dynamic seasons, global overlay (snow, sand, dust), humidity, coloring, size and number control of leaves with minimal impact on performance!

The Layers

Vegetation Engine features a new layering system for elements and materials, allowing you to customize the overall look of each material. Add different seasonal colors for trees and grass or different interactions for each material with a simple and intuitive layering system.

The Community

With constant updates and improvements, tens of thousands of game developers enjoy the trust of all BOXOPHOBIC resources. Check out the community screenshots above showing the Asset Store and custom greenspaces using the greenspace engine in various render projects and pipelines.

🔧 Compatibility

The Vegetation Engine supports the following Render Pipelines:

  • Standard Render Pipeline 2021.3+
  • Universal Render Pipeline 12 – 14
  • HD Render Pipeline 12 – 14+

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