Things For RPG Game 32x32 Pixel Art - Free Download


Simplified Overview of Things for RPG Game 32×32 Pixel Art


If you’re a game developer looking for top-quality assets to make high-quality 2D game design, Things for RPG Game 32×32 Pixel Art is worth checking out. This set includes a large selection of carefully made 32×32 objects that can be used to add depth and detail to your game world.


The set includes various items such as coins (in a bag, in a chest, etc.), different types of purses, bags, large and small containers, vases and jugs, closed objects, chests, bags for carrying arrows, cases for swords and other useful items.


Each item is carefully designed with detailed details and shading to make it look real and stunning. All these elements are designed to be easily used in any modern 2D game genre like RPGs, Runners, Adventures, Missions, etc.


You can use the Adobe Photoshop editor to resize items, add more cracks to the boxes, etc.

Technical Information

  • Graphics: 2D, Pixel art
  • Format: PSD, PNG
  • Quantity: 100 things

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