Toon Planes - Free Download



This package is a comprehensive set of 15 stylized aircraft models, making it an ideal choice for your project. It’s particularly well-suited for flying simulators, airport management games, and any other aviation-related projects.

Key Features

Optimized for Performance

Designed with performance in mind, the models utilize a compact 128128 color texture and a 1284 toon ramp. This makes them highly efficient, even on mobile devices.

Low Poly Models

All models are low poly, with the simplest models starting at 3K triangles and the more complex ones reaching up to 10K triangles.

Animated Landing Gears

The landing gears are animated, providing a realistic experience during take-off and landing.

Additional Inclusions

The package also includes a custom rotation script, moving parts, and particle systems to enhance the overall functionality and visual appeal.

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