Trails FX - Free Download

🎨 Overview

Trails FX renders smooth trails behind moving objects and characters. Trails FX comes with many options that allow you to create a great variety of effects, from simple color trails to rainbow texture stamps and space distortion effects.

🌟 Highlights

  • Easy to use. Add a script to your moving objects and customize the behavior and appearance of the trail
  • Works with any 3D object and animated skinned mesh renderers.
  • Different trail effects included “Color,” “Texture Stamp,” “Clone,” “Space Distortion,” “Outline,” and “Dash.”
  • Option to activate the effect for certain character animations.
  • There are a lot of visual customization options: position, color transitions, length, fade along time, and more.
  • Create profiles to save and reuse settings.
  • Effects can be rendered in Edit and Play modes, as well as in Scene View.
  • Demo scene included.
  • 100% source code included.

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